Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up-May

May was the month of celebrations with anniversaries, graduation, Diesel's blessing  and a big birthday...Here is May in review.

The month began with Nick and Lindsi celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary with a little out of town trip.  We had the pleasure of watching Cashe for a few days.  I know they weren't sure they could leave their little guy, but we loved it.  

Bath time for Cashe.
Enjoying some time with his Papa.
Having Friday night dinner with Ben at Cafe Rio; Cashe loves that place.
I know Nick and Lindsi missed him so much, but we loved having him and you can go away anytime!

The next big celebration was Kristi's graduation from nursing school.  She was pretty mellow about graduation, but we were not letting her special day go by without a party!  Now, Kristi is tough to surprise, but we did it.  Jordan, Lindsi and I planned a surprise party with both families at The Roof. We had her high school graduation dinner there, and  it was the perfect place to have her college party! We had balloons and flowers and a great celebration before the ceremony.

Surprise my girl!  

The college had a nice graduation ceremony at the Wells Fargo Building.  Nursing school is grueling under the best circumstances, but Kristi finished while enduring morning sickness, work, having a baby and  she still managed to do it all and get a 4.0 her final semester.  We are so proud of you!
Congratulations baby girl!  You did it!

My nurses!

Brian and I enjoyed our anniversary dinner at our favorite Park City restaurant, The Grub Steak.  30 years and still going strong!

The next celebration was Virginia's 80th birthday party.  She really didn't want much of a fuss, but the kids wanted to not let her big day go by.  She has been through so much the last few years with her health, and we were glad to celebrate with her.  So we had a fun party at Schmidt's Restaurant in South Jordan.  They did a great job and it was fun for Virginia to see her family, cousins, and friends.

 The kids.......Brenda, Brian, Randy, Chris with Mom
It would not be a party without my cute girls and their famous candy bars.  Lots of pink treats!  Thank you my lovelies!
Happy 80th Birthday Virginia.  We love you!

Celebrating with my girls.

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  1. Wow May was busy!!! Thank you again for watching C, can't believe how much he has changed over the summer, crazy!! He looks young & white :) thank you SO much for watching him :) xoxoxo