Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching up....February and March

On February 4,  we welcomed Diesel Jordan Stephan.  He is the best baby, and we love  him so so much.  I can't believe he is already 6 1/2 months old.
Jordan and  Diesel, just a few minutes after his birth.  

We also celebrated Valentines Day, watched Ben play junior Jazz and just enjoyed having a cute newborn in our family.  We were getting tired of winter and ready for spring.

"Heart Attacked" by Lindsi, Abby and Cashe

Ben's Basketball team.  They were great kids and played hard every game.  

In March, the new City Creek Center opened up downtown and the girls and babies headed down on opening day to celebrate with some serious shopping.  I had been counting down the days and could not wait to see it.  What a beautiful addition to our city.  We had a great day!

And we didn't.....

Kristi, Lindsi, Abby and Diesel and Cashe ready to go.  The babies were the only boys allowed!

Cashe discovering the fun play land near the food court.

Enjoying a yummy lunch at Kneaders.

                             Diesel was a champ and slept through most of our City Creek adventure.

Cashe, Lindsi and Ab enjoying the fun.

Kristi and Diesel-I think this was Diesel's first big outing.

So..City Creek was worth the wait!  Loved spending the day with the girls!

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