Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing....Canon John Barber

On Tuesday, February 5, Lindsi went to the hospital to have our baby Canon!  We were so excited to have another cute grandson and everything went perfect for Lindsi.  I went to Lindsi's in the morning to watch Cashe until Abby could come home and then headed to the hospital so that I would be there for the delivery.  I have had the honor of watching all three little babies come into the world, and it truly is a miracle!

Lindsi all ready to go; she looks beautiful

After hardly any labor at all (less than an hour), Canon John Barber was born.  We were all amazed at all of his dark hair.  Such a cutie and we were in love with him.
Born at 12:10 p.m. weighing 6 lbs and 3 oz.

First family photo.  Doesn't Lindsi look great?  She made having babies look so easy.

And baby makes five!  What a beautiful family.   Cashe loved Canon and kept kissing him.  I bought him a t shirt that said I'm a Big Brother.  To this day, it is his favorite shirt...of course...I stayed with Cashe and Abby while Lindsi was in the hospital and had a blast. Such a funny boy my Cashe a roo...My sweet mom stayed with me and we had fun getting everything ready for Baby Canon's homecoming.

All ready to go home in his new outfit.

I was able to take some time off work and be there for Canon's first few days.  It was fun just to snuggle with him, play with Cashe and spend time with Lindsi...she is an amazing mom and I admire the patience and love she shows her family.  
One lucky Nana loving on sweet Canon

Canon at one week.

All buckled up and ready to go.  Such a happy boy; love the smile.
And the most recent photo at almost 3 months.

Brian and I are so happy to have Canon join Cashe and Diesel and we love them all so much.  We are so glad to have our girls live close so we can be such a big part of their lives.  

Catching up...February and Happy 1st Birthday Diesel!

The beginning of February brought Diesel's first birthday!  He loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and so Kristi found cute invitations and all the accessories to go with that theme.  The food served was all the items the caterpillar ate, and the party was a hit!

Cute invites 
The photo table with lots of cute pictures of the birthday boy!
Kristi started the party with reading Diesel's book. 

All of the guests wrote notes to Diesel in his book.  Super cute idea.

All of the yummy food.
Diesel even had his own personalized water bottles.

And the cutest cake ever!

Lots of fun new toys!
Priceless picture of Diesel with his great-grandmas
Grandma Jackson, Grandma Stephan and Grandma Elfie

The Barber family within a few days of a new baby boy!

Cashe giving Diesel a hand opening presents and enjoying playing with a few of the new toys.

After presents, it was time for the cake smash by the birthday boy.  He was stripped to his diaper and then given his cupcake and away he went.

Ready to eat

Getting a little messy
Really digging in and enjoying the sugar!
One very happy and messy boy.  Love the grin through all the frosting.

On Diesel's actual birthday, February 4, both families met for frozen yogurt and gave the birthday boy lots of love.

Happy 1st Birthday, Diesel.  We love you!!!

Catching up- January Birthday Fun

We started the month of January with Cashe's 2nd birthday!  Not sure where the time has gone; it just seems like yesterday, he was born and now he is a month away from being a big brother.

 One of Cashe's favorite activities is to go to the aquarium, so that is how we started his day.  
 The birthday boy enjoying the fish
 Of course, you can't go to the aquarium without a prize from Nana.  Cashe chose a  "big truck" which he loves and takes everywhere.  Of course!

In the evening the whole fam gathered for a birthday bash at Chuckie Cheese.  Cashe loves trucks, garbage, dump, excavators,  any kind of truck, so it was a perfect truck theme party
 Cashe enjoying a few rides before pizza
 The cute truck cake made by Lindsi and Nick.
 Jord, Diesel and Kristi enjoying the party. 

Nothing better on a cold winter day than play dates with cousins.  
 Cashe and Diesel enjoying a break from playing and having a snack.

Nick and Lindsi had a quick night away before Canon arrived so we were able to take Diesel, Cashe and Abby to Cafe Rio for dinner.  I think we managed quite well and they loved sharing food.  Both boys LOVE Cafe Rio.

And so ends January...