Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching up-June

We started the month celebrating the end of school with a trip to St. George.  Virginia and  Lee came with us for some golf and fun.  Chris and Lee were also in town as were Dave and Karen, so we all spent some time together.  The boys golfed at some fun courses and I loved spending time with my sweet mother in law.  We shopped, had a yummy lunch at Tom's, went to a  movie and just talked and talked.  I am really blessed to have that lovely lady as my mom in law.  

Enjoying dinner at Paula's-best Mexican food in St. George and a family favorite!
We also went to Tuacahn to see Hairspray.  It was the first time we had been there and it was great.  It was a very windy night and at one point near the end, they had to stop the show until the wind stopped.  It was a fun  night and glad Chris and Lee could join us.

My mom took care of Duke while we were gone and when I called home, she told us he had been really sick  most of the weekend.  I took him to the vets right before we left and the vet warned us that he was most likely not going to get better.   We were so glad my mom was there to take care of him, as she is the best dog person, but we knew he was in bad shape.  I think we knew what was ahead.  When we got home on Sunday, he was not doing great, so we just loved on him and tried to make him comfortable.  On Monday, I had the kids over for dinner and Duke seemed to perk up a little. About half way through dinner, he started not being able to walk and so we all had our time to say goodbye to our friend and beloved pet.

 I took this picture of Kristi and Duke the summer  right before her wedding (2009). It was no secret that Duke and Kristi were best friends.  Kristi was with me when we got him  and even though the tag on his cage said he barked, dug holes and really couldn't do anything, she just knew he was the dog for us.  And he was.   He used to stay awake and wait for her to come home when she was in high school and jump on her bed and sleep with her.  I love this picture of them.  

Here we are with Diesel and Cashe loving on Duke.  Cashe loved Duke and would call for him whenever he came over.

 Sweet Duke
 My kids with Duke.  
 Kristi saying goodbye to her buddy.

We took Duke to the vet Tuesday morning and asked her what we should do.  She said he had serious internal bleeding and it was the best thing to do for him.  So Bri and I cried and loved him and then we said goodbye.
 We brought Duke home.

 Our cute little neighbor Surie loved Duke and she was so sad when we told her about Duke.  She came over a few minutes later with this cute drawing and note for us.  Love that girl.  

It's been three months and we still find ourselves missing our boy.  We loved Duke,  and he was such a big part of our family.  He used to chase bees, catch them and eat them.  Of course they would sting him.   One day, he  brought a huge  dead crow in the house as a present for me.  He was afraid of the dark, didn't like being alone and loved to sit by us and eat crackers.  Yes, he dug holes.  Many times when I would plant flowers in the spring, I would dig up a sock, a bone, a piece of licorice (he loved sweets) or other little treasures and he slept through a robbery in our house, but he was the best dog ever.  We love you Duke!

 June was also time to open the pool and start enjoying swimming with the family.  We had many fun times in the pool with the kids and the babies.  Both Cashe and Diesel love the water.
 I bought the boys matching turtle floaties.  Here is Kristi and Diesel enjoying his first time in the pool.
 Kristi and Diesel; is that the cutest boy?  Check out the fancy fedora!
The cute Stephan family soaking up some sun.

So that ends June, fun vacation, sad ending to Duke, but the start of our summer!

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  1. I didn’t even realize you had a dog! What a beautiful dog! I bet you miss him so much. They become so much more than family. Funny that he slept through the burglary!