Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching up and then some.....January

To say I'm behind in blogging in an I am going to attempt to catch up month by month and hopefully I can remember everything we have been up to!

First, in January I celebrated the big 50 birthday.  I was not looking forward to this big day and honestly, was pretty crabby to my family.   I didn't even want my birthday mentioned but was sad that I thought maybe they weren't going to do anything special.   I just kept hoping that Diesel would arrive a few days early and we could share a birthday, but the little guy waited for a few more days.   I should know that my family loves birthdays and would not have let my day pass.

  For months Bri and the girls had been planning a surprise party for me and I have to tell you it was perfect!  They invited all of my favorite people and had a fun dinner planned on my birthday at Market Street Grill.  The girls took me for a pedicure and some frozen yogurt earlier in the day and we were planning on meeting up that night for a family dinner.  So when I walked in the restaurant and saw all our dear friends and family, I was very surprised.  Here are some fun pictures of the birthday:

Enjoying a pedi with my girls!

The cute invites designed by the girls.  So so cute!

The room at Market Street all decorated in my favorite color-Pink!  It looked so cute

My cake; it looked just like the one on the invitation.


My girls are pros at candy bars and they had all my favorite candies like licorice, pink mints, tootsie rolls and hot so cute
Celebrating with the best girls and party planners ever!

          Celebrating with Bri-thanks for such a wonderful party.

We had a great night, enjoying a yummy dinner of halibut, crab cakes and salmon.  The girls had my guests fill out a "How Well Do You Know Cindi" with some fun questions like where was I born, what is my middle name, how long have I been married/taught school and fun questions like that.   The big winner of this game was my good friend and exercise buddy, Holli.  So I guess during all those early morning walks I must have told her everything about me!  

After the party, we came back to the house for presents and my fabulous family surprised me with a video of 50 years of pictures and memories.  The girls collected photos and Jordan scanned for hours.  It was the perfect way to end the day and look back at my life. It is truly a treasure!

Thanks to Bri, Lindsi and Kristi for such a wonderful birthday and for just loving me!  It was the best.  I love you all!!!

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