Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up...April

April was a busy month with lots of fun activities; Easter, a wedding and trip, fun family time and a birthday.  Get ready for a huge photo overload.

Ben was in charge of the scout Court of Honor in April.  He did a nice job planning and conducting, and the troop was able to give a nice send off to their fabulous scout master Paul who had recently moved.  Each boy said what his favorite memory was with Paul and they had a nice cake with the scout emblem on it.   He took these boys as 12 year olds and helped them through their deacon years. I can't imagine the patience he had through all those camps and activities.  What a great guy!

Then it was time for Easter.  We were going to be in Seattle for Easter, so we celebrated a little early with the the kids.  It was so fun to find little toys and treats for my boys and Abby.  

Ben and his basket.  A few treats and a new golf shirt and shorts.

Cashe and Abby.  We bought Cashe some treats, some crayons, and a shirt.  Miss Abby enjoyed a few fun makeups items, a shirt and some treats.
Cashe enjoyed playing in the basket and scattering the grass.  We love this boy!

Diesel's first Easter basket from Nana and Papa.  We gave him some new onesies, some toys, a few treats and books.  We love him so much!

A few days later and we were off to Seattle for my niece Erin's wedding.  We had hoped to take the whole family, but with a  new baby and school and jobs, it ended up being Brian, me, my mom, Ben and Lindsi.  The weather was great and we had a fun time.  We missed Kristi, Jord, Nick, Ab, Cashe and Diesel.  It was Lindsi's first time away from Cashe, and she missed her boy so much.
Here we are on the waterfront enjoying a great seafood lunch at Ivar's.  It was the best halibut ever.  

My oldest and youngest having a sweet treat after lunch.

Before the wedding, Erin's mother-in-law honored her with a traditional Turkish henna party.  It was so fun and fancy.  Yummy traditional food, not sure what I ate, but it was fabulous.  

Here are the girls watching the festivities.
The Crooks/Pugmire Cousins
Jen, Erin, Kelli, Kendra and Lindsi
A sweet picture of Erin and her grandmas-Elfie and Blanche.  It was such a fun evening and loved seeing Erin so so happy!

We had some time to sightsee before the wedding, so we walked from our hotel to the Seattle Space Needle.  We took the girls there for a trip in 1991, so it was fun to go back there.  It was a chilly day and Lindsi didn't come with a jacket, so Bri and Lindsi had matching Seattle wear.  

Ben, Bri and Lindsi with the Seattle city view behind them.

After our sightseeing, it was time to get ready for the wedding.  Erin and Michael were getting married on a boat, and it was such a pretty setting
My handsome brother Rick walking the beautiful bride down the aisle.
Erin and Michael exchanging their vows.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and the judge who married them quoted from both the Koran and the Book of Mormon.  Such a nice way to celebrate both cultures.  
The reception was on the boat as well and it was good food and fun times.
Ben and Kaylee (Brian and Jen's daughter).  She adores Ben and wanted to be wherever he was that night.  I thought this was a cute picture
My mom, brother and me.  Love this picture of us.

We took advantage of a nice spring day and went to the park near my school to play with the boys.   
Kristi and Cashe headed down the slide

Lindsi, Cashe and Diesel. 

We celebrated Bri's b day on the 27th with a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then headed back to our house for cake, ice cream and presents.  
The fam at dinner.  Don't  I have the cutest family?  
Cashe, Papa and Nana.  
Bri with his presents.  All golf related except for the Boston Redsox book.
And here is the birthday boy celebrating #54.  Happy  birthday Bri; we all love you!!!!

We ended the month at the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It was such a pretty day and the flowers were beautiful.  Spring is here!  Yahoo!!!
Love these kids of mine

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