Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DC Trip-Day 8 The Smithsonian

Friday was our last full day in D.C., so we decided to try and fit in a few things we still wanted to do. First on our list was to get tickets to the Holocaust Museum. I stood in line for about an hour or so to get the tickets. We were in luck and were able to get passes for later that day. While I waited for the fam to join me, I walked over to the National Mall and enjoyed some time in the museums.
Some of the animals on display at the Natural History Museum
A very large giraffe
This was at the entrance of the museum
After that I wandered over to the museum with all the fancy gems. Here is the Hope Diamond. There were armed guards at the entrance. This picture doesn't do it justice; it is huge-45+ carats.
Some of the information about the Hope Diamond
More fancy gems. I also saw some jewelry given by Napoleon to his wife and a few pieces worn by Marie Antoinette.
The kids in front of the Castle. It was featured in the Night at the Museum movies.
Ben wanted to spend some time at the Air and Space Museum, and we were able to see some more historic planes. Here is the plane the Wright Brothers flew.
Some info about the plane and their flight.
The Spirit of St. Louis flown by Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris.
Ben and Abby in front of one of Amelia Earhart's planes.
It was really rainy that day, so we didn't walk to the Capital, but I got a nice picture of it. We also spent about two hours at the Holocaust Museum, but no pictures are allowed inside. It was a very sobering experience to view the images and artifacts from the Holocaust; it is a must see in D.C.
We walked and walked all day long, even though it was raining. Highest pedometer total of the trip. Lots of steps!
So one more post to go of our trip.....

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