Sunday, July 24, 2011

DC Trip Day 7-The Zoo and National Cathedral

After getting back to the hotel very late after our long road trip, we decided to sleep in a bit. Once we were all rested, we started the day's adventure which was Abby's choice-the zoo. It was very easy to get to on the Metro. It was a nice sunny day; perfect temperature for a zoo day. I was really excited to see the Giant Pandas, and Ab was excited to see some rare fish she knew lived there. Now, don't get me wrong, it was a great zoo, but with huge, I mean huge spring break crowds, it was impossible to even see the Pandas let alone get a picture. There were lines at least an hour long to the exhibits. So I saw a glimpse of the panda's backside, hardly blog worthy....but Ab did get to see her fish. I would love to go back on a less crowded day.Ab and Ben in front of the zoo.
I love flamingos, so here I am doing my imitation of one.

A cool looking owl
I love those Fruit Loop birds. My camera doesn't do justice to the vibrant colors of it.
I liked that the zoo does a good job of recreating natural habitats for the animals. It was a beautiful zoo, but warning, tons of walking.
My nephew Justin who lives in D.C. highly recommended Maggiano's for dinner. It was just a few metro stops from the zoo. I can't even tell you how wonderful the food was. I'm not a huge Italian food fan, but Maggiano's was the best. If you are ever in a city with a Maggiano's you must eat there!
So after we ate, I asked the waiter if there were some fun sights within walking distance we might see before we headed back to the hotel. He said that the National Cathedral was just up the road a bit. I thought great, let's go for a walk. We walked and walked more than just a bit. It had to be at least two miles away and CLOSED. Yep, by the time we got there, it was closed, so we walked around and took some pictures and enjoyed the scenery. It was amazingly beautiful!
Ben and Ab-their faces tell it all. Sorry kids, I didn't know it closed at 5!
Ab still not recovered....At least Benny is smiling....
That's better. Smiles all around. Guess I forgot to take a picture of Brian and I.
After the long walk, we decided to take a city bus back to the Metro station. The kids enjoyed that; we were the life of the bus.
Steps at the end of day 7; lots and lots of walking.

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