Sunday, August 7, 2011

D.C. Trip-Our Last Day

After almost ten days, our trip was down to the last day. Ben wanted to see Arlington National Cemetery and since it was only a few Metro stops away, we decided to spend the morning there. It was very beautiful and peaceful.

The Arlington House sits on a hill above the cemetery. This house belonged to Robert E. Lee, but after the South loss in the Civil War, it was dedicated as a cemetery. This was done to insure that Lee would never be able to live in his home again. It was a beautiful home.
Just a glimpse of the rows and rows of markers that were all over the cemetery.
The Eternal Flame which is lit for President Kennedy and his wife.
The grave of President Kennedy's brother, Robert.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This tomb is guarded every day, every hour and it is a very solemn experience to see the changing of the guards.
We walked around the cemetery for a little while and then our nephew Justin picked us up and took us for a drive. Justin is a federal officer and we were able to tour the grounds of the Naval Observatory which is the home of our vice president Joe Biden. For security reasons, we could not take any pictures, but is was really exciting to be on the grounds. He drove us by the embassies of various countries. It was great to get to see him! Thanks Justin for the tour! After we grabbed a quick lunch, it was time to head to the airport and home.
Abby, Bri and Ben chilling at Reagan National Airport.
And here are the brochures and tickets to all the places we went! It was an amazing trip; thanks Bri for letting me plan it all! I think we all came home with a deep pride and appreciation for our beautiful country and the many sacrifices that thousands have made to insure that we are the greatest nation in the world.


  1. Um kinda sad youre done with all your D.C. Posts I loved reading about it. I have god memories of being there with my family. I think I was about abbies age when we first went. Definitely a good age to learn so much about our country. And I know what you mean about the walking! It was really fun when I was 6 months pregnant!

  2. I loved all your posts mom!! The trip seemed so fun, and so busy!! I'm glad the little pre-teens were good ;) love you

  3. Such a wonderful trip, such wonderful parents to take Ab!! She had a blast :) can we plan a trip with me sometime :(