Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up-July

I am working every Sunday on my little blog until I am caught up, and I will NEVER get this behind if you are interested, here is our July!

We started off July with saying bye to Ben.  He had the opportunity to go to NYLT, a  scout leadership camp as a leader and be in charge of a troop of boy scouts.  He worked very hard prior to the camp attending leadership training camps and preparing lesson for the boys.  He had some challenging boys in his troop, but he did a great job and all the boys really liked and respected him.  But for the second year in a row, he missed our family's Fourth of July festivities...We missed you Ben!

All the NYLT leaders; Ben really enjoyed working with these great guys.

Scott and Ben ready to lead the troops!

We love the Fourth of July!  It's been a tradition for the last several years to have the kids over to swim, sun and snack!  
Cashe, Abby, Lindsi and Baby Diesel getting ready for the fun!
 Jordan, Kristi and Diesel chilling by the pool before Kristi had to go to work.
 Abby just floating away
 We invited Grandma and Grandpa Jackson.  Love this picture of the Barber's with Grandpa.  

My sister-in-law Debbie was in town and so she stopped by with Kelli and Matt.  Hey guys, where are your suits????

Cashe and Papa supervising the grilling.  Cashe loves to help Papa cook the burgers and dogs. 

After the  fun family fourth, one of my dear friends Amy and I had the opportunity to go to Cedar City and catch a few plays.  We did this a few years ago and decided it must be an annual tradition. 
  I can't believe I didn't take one picture!  We had a great time seeing two plays and enjoying a few days in St. George.  It was a great way to spend a few days with one of my favorite friends.  Thanks Am for the tickets and fun times!!

Our next July activity was heading to the zoo.   
Nana and Cashe getting ready to see the animals.  I  have to be honest, I had good intentions of backpacking Cashe through the zoo, but that pack is heavy, so he got in the stroller pretty quickly!

 Ben was gone for most of July between camps and youth conference, but he did manage to get to the zoo with us.  I'm not sure if he is tired or bored, but glad he could come!  

We did get Abby to have a sleep over and she and Ben decided to make home made pizzas.  I am so glad they get along really well for the most part!

It was time for Ben to take off again for a weeklong scout camp at Bear Lake Acquatic Camp.  He had a great time and completed several merit badges.  His favorite was being able to finish the aviation merit badge and take a ride in a helicopter.  He also spent a day boating, tubing and surfing.  It was a fun week for him, but we were ready to have him home!

Troop 568 ready to go!  A huge thanks to the leaders who gave up their vacation time to spend with the boys.  

Scott, Peyton, Clint , Ben and Karl headed off to Big Event where they did all sorts of outdoor activities and had a blast! (This was actually in June, forgot to post it)

Our next July activity was Liberty Park and the Tracy Aviary.   Since I was just a little girl, I have  loved Liberty Park, and the aviary is super nice with a new entrance and of course lots of birds.  

Cute Kristi and Diesel ready to see the birds.  
Cashe was able to feed the ducks.

After the aviary we walked around the park and stopped at the carosel
for a ride.

Cashe and Lindsi enjoying a ride.

The rest of the hot month of July was spent just enjoying the pool.  My favorite days were when the girls would come up and spend the afternoon or evening with us just having dinner, playing in the pool and just being together. It just didn't get any better than that! 

Cashe was very excited to go down the slide with Abby and after Nick caught him, he kept saying "More, More".  He wasn't scared at all

Loved seeing Abby combine my two favorite summer activities:  enjoying the pool and reading!

 Only one more summer post to do.....

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