Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!

In honor of Ben's birthday today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of him. I can't believe my baby is 14! He is such a great young man, and I love him so much.

Kristi and Ben; can't believe that my baby girl holding
my baby boy will be holding her baby in just a few short months.
Here is Ben at about 8 months. Notice I am violating all safe sleeping rules for babies. He is on his stomach, sleeping on a stuffed animal, with a huge bumper pad all around, with a blanket over him and a stuffed animal in the corner. Yikes!
Ben loved this swing we had in the backyard; I forgot that he had the cutest chubby cheeks.
Ben almost 6 enjoying a family trip to the beach!

When Ben was about 7, he spent about 10 days with Lindsi while she was attending college in Las Vegas. They had a blast. Ben has been blessed with two of the best sisters ever!

And here is Ben at 12 jumping in the lake.

Birthday Lunch
My 14 year old boy with all his loot

Here are a few reasons we love Ben:
1. He is one of the kindest people and is such a good friend to everyone.
2. He is really smart and works hard in school.
3. He loves being an uncle and adores Cashe and can't wait for baby Diesel to get here.
4. He is a good brother to Lindsi and Kristi and he has a special relationship with each of them.
4. Even though he is 14 and it's not cool, he always hugs us and says he loves us.
5. He loves his Grandma Elfie!
6. He is so funny and makes us laugh everyday.
7. He is the best son and we are so happy to be his mom and dad.

So Ben, happy birthday! We hope you know how much we love you. You are truly a blessing in our lives.

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  1. cute cute pictures! I love the "safe sleep violations" all parents violate the safe sleep rules dont they? And look he survived! :)