Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Lindsi

Today my girl turned 29 and it doesn't seem like that long ago she was the cute little tyke in the following pictures! She was the cutest baby and as I looked at these pictures, I can definitely see Cashe!

My cute little red head at age 7 months.

Learning to crawl; look at all that hair at age 9 months. Such a cutie!
Christmas, age 4 enjoying her Teddy Ruxpin, the hottest toy that year.
Cuddling with baby sister Kristi. She was such a good big sister. Every morning before she left for kindergarten she would eat breakfast and watch Seasame Street with Kristi. Loved having my two girls!
And here is my baby today with her handsome boy!
Celebrating the grand opening of our favorite store the night before her birthday! So fun to just shop and talk and spend some time together. Love this girl!

So on Lindsi's 29th birthday, what do I love about her:
1. She has the biggest heart and is so kind to everyone.
2. She is a wonderful mother to baby Cashe; as a mom, it is such a wonderful experience to see your children become parents. I have never seen a more loving and devoted mother!
3. She loves family and is always the one to plan our extended family Christmas party. I know it would have died a long time ago if it hadn't been for Lindsi.
4. She is a loving sis to Kristi and Ben. She has such a special bond with her sister and I know they are the very best of friends.
5. She is so determined; it doesn't matter what it is, she puts her mind to it and gets it done.
6. She is a fun person to be around and makes me laugh with her funny voices.
7. She is a great listener and always gives me good advice.
8. She is a fun workout buddy!
9. She is the best daughter and I love her and am so blessed to have her in my life.

So baby, Happy Birthday and enjoy all that this year brings! We love you!!!

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  1. I never realized I didn't comment on this very sweet post!! Thank you for your kind words :) I'm so thankful I was born into an amazing family & fantastic momma!! Love you xoxoxo