Saturday, July 16, 2011

DC Trip-Day 5

On Tuesday, we toured Ford's Theatre where President Lincoln was shot. It remains today much like it was in 1865.
Abby and Ben in front of a statue of Abraham Lincoln
In addition to touring the museum, we saw a play "One Destiny" which detailed the events leading up to the shooting. Here are the boys waiting for the play to begin.
The theatre stage
The box seats where President Lincoln, his wife and some Union generals were sitting. It was kind of eerie seeing the exact place where one of our greatest presidents was shot.
After shooting Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth jumped from the box to the stage, breaking his leg. This is the actual boot he wore that night.
After the serious nature of Ford's Theatre, we were off to the Smithsonian to look at a bit of history. Ab and Ben in front of the museum. This place was huge and so so crowded-not Bri's favorite place, so we went through it pretty quick. Here are just a very few of the exhibits.

Abraham Lincoln's top hat
Ben in front of CP3O and some other Star Wars memorabilia. We also saw Dorothy's slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Michael Jackson's hat, Archie Bunker's chair and Julia Child's kitchen. I thought the place was pretty interesting, but the kids got bored so off we went.....
to the Spy Museum. Ben and Abby choose a few places they wanted to visit and Ab choose this. It was actually fun and we were able to pretend we were spies and crack a case. We weren't very good spies.....
but after the tour, the kids decided to channel their inner spy. Ben's looking at a watch he doesn't have on...hum...does that make a good spy????
My favorite picture of the crazy kids....I think they really enjoyed this.
After all our tours, I introduced Abby to H & M, my absolute favorite store. She had a great time and bought some fun things. So glad H &M is coming to Utah soon.....
And that ended our day. We headed back to the hotel for some rest and ready for our road trip to Baltimore on Wednesday.

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