Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bye Bye Bella Vista

After being at Bella Vista since 1993 when Lindsi began there in 5th grade, we said goodbye today with Ben's graduation. I have to admit, it was harder than I thought it would be I cried when I sent him to kindergarten and watching him walk out of school today, I found myself a little teary. The time has really flown! Over the years, I have enjoyed being involved with the kids' classes and doing various PTA jobs. Lindsi, Kristi ad Ben were blessed to have wonderful teachers and great friends. So, I have taken some of the "last" pictures of Ben and various events at school. The "last" safety patrol day. It seemed like Ben was always doing safety patrol; he was just always willing to do it. He did a great job and enforced the rules very well!

The "last" field trip with Mom at Hale Center Theater to see The Three Musketeers The kids who have gone to school together since kindergarten. The future classof 2016!

The "last" field day after tug of war! Brandon, Easton and Ben
A few moms and I decided to celebrate "graduation" with a pizza and cake party. We decided we will plan their graduation party in 2016! Bella Vista has a tradition that on the last day of school, the 6th graders parade through the halls and the other grades "clap" them into middle school. It was really cool to see the halls lined with all the students saying good bye. Mrs. Cope, Ben and Mrs. Shenosky; Ben's teachers this year. They were the best and really prepared him for middle school. The "last' picture in front of the school. Bye Bye Bella Vista!


  1. Well even though Benny didn't want his pic taken, they are cute pictures!! Can't believe he will be in 7th grade...too weird!

  2. I always get emotional on the last day of school. I was teary-eyed watching the 6th graders walk the halls even without my own child being part of it. I'll be a mess next year with Ryan. It really does go by way too fast. Good job on getting all of the "lasts" pictures.