Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Month of May

It's been a busy month and I'm behind on my blogging. I'll try and catch up with the highlights of the last few weeks. Ben finished his soccer season, and so after many years of watching both Kristi and Ben play, I think we have watched our last game. He had a great team, and they had a fun season and ended with a victory against the top team in their division.

Brian and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary on May 19! We went to dinner at our favorite Park City restaurant The Grub Steak. Then we finished off the evening with a little shopping at the outlet mall. During dinner we reflected our our 28 years together and came up with 28 great things about being married to each other. It is great being married to your best friend. Happy Anniversay Babe! I love you
Both Brian and Ben went to St. George for the weekend, and I stayed home and spent some time with my mom. We put flowers on my dad's grave and then drove to Logan so my mom could put flowers on her parent's and grandparent's grave. It was a nice drive, and we had a great lunch at Maddox's in Brigham City. My mom shared stories about growing up in Logan, and I was really glad to have some time with her. Here are some pictures from our road trip. My dad's grave. Dad has been gone almost 26 years, and we miss him. Love you Daddy!

My Grandpa and Grandma Blair's grave. I was just three when my grandma died, but I have great memories of my grandpa who was the sweetest, kindest man.
My mom at the Blair Family Plot

My mom lived on this property until she was ten and the old home is gone, but this old tree has stood for over 100 years and she remembers playing for hours under this tree. Every trip to Logan always includes a drive by, and on this last trip, we noticed that the tree looks pretty dead, so we thought we would take a picture before it's gone.

This is a better picture of the tree; it's huge. Thanks Mom for a fun day!

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  1. oh I love logan!! thats fun you guys went up there :) i have that same picture next to the blair headstone! i'm sure elfie loved going up there, it's her favorite place! i hope you had a roll at maddox for me love you!