Saturday, April 10, 2010

While it would be impossible to blog everything in our lives, I am going to hit the highlights of the last few weeks.
We had a nice Easter in St. George; it was just Bri, Ben and I as our two cute girls had hospital shifts. Ben and Brian golfed with Dan and Matt Kaelberer on Friday and I'm happy to report that Team Pugmire beat Team K by two strokes!

The boys went to the Priesthood Session (Ben's first) and we enjoyed conference, some good meals, a great sandwich from Tom's Deli (the absolute best in town) and some sunshine!

Ben had a successful hunt for his Easter basket as well!

Today, we attended our first BYU Blue White Spring Football Game. Jordan asked us to go and so even though we are huge Ute Fans, we love Jordan more so off we went! Brian was dressed in blue and it was a fun event. Tried to get a picture with Bronco, but couldn't so settled for a nice shot with LaVell! And I even learned to Rise and Shout with the fans! Now, we still love our Utes, but we are excited to see Jord play the next few years!


  1. We LOVED having you guys come down and spend the day with us! Glad papa is getting used to P town and BYU football, it's gonna be a great season! We love you guys so much, and you have the cutest blog around :)

  2. totally impressed you have a blog Cindi! :) super cute! I'll have to find out where this Tom's Deli is in St. George! We are always up for new delicious places down there!