Tuesday, April 27, 2010

52 Reasons Why We Love Brian

In honor of Bri's 52nd birthday, the family and I decided to show our love to him by listing 52 reasons we love him! Even though Bri thought we couldn't do it, it was super easy. So here's why we love you ,and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!
#52 You hate it when your girls cry and will do anything to make them stop
#51 You are very generous to all of us
#50 You are a hard worker and very ethical business owner
#49 You are great at golf and have passed that on to Ben
#48 You give the best hugs
#47 You are the best listener in the family
#46 You give amazing advice
#45 You are the best griller and will make sure all our food is cooked to perfection even while yours is getting cold
#44 You love playing catch with everyone
#43 You are an energetic sports person (a nice way of saying uber competitive)
#42 Your real smile is the cutest ever
#41 You love ice cream and have passed that on to Lindsi, Kristi and Ben
#40 Your favorite Saturday night saying is , "Who's up for a trip to Leatherbys?"
#39 You love cats, but since all of us have allergies, you have settled for dogs
#38 You love Duke, Papi and Chloe
#37 You are a most patient driver-ha ha
#36 You refuse to watch a U of U game, Jazz game or Red Sox game as it is happening- you get too nervous, so you look at updated scores on your i-phone
#35 You look so handsome on Sunday
#34 Your honor your priesthood
#33 You don't mind it when I wake you up in in the middle of the night when I can't sleep
#32 You always take me to dinner on Friday night
#31 You love my mom
#30 You love your mom
#29 You love your siblings
#28 You help your poor college, Provo dwelling daughter and son in law
#27 You are so excited to take the boys to the Red Sox -Mariner series in Seattle
#26 You have never forgotten a b day, anniversay, Christmas, Valentines or any gift giving holiday
#25 You give me the most beautiful jewlery
#24 You love to rile the kids up and get them naughty and then go home. They get in trouble; you never do
#23 You are a softie with your girls
#22 You cried at both father-daughter wedding dances
#21 You paid for dream weddings for Lindsi and Kristi
#20 You always want to hang out with everyone on Fridays for dinner
#19 Even though you're not a big water fan, you built the pool because we love it.
#18 You are always up for a good game of pool volleyall
#17 You are in heaven when you are in St. George because you say "It's God's country"
#16 You always say "Look at the Big Red Mountain"
#15 You constanly remind me that St. George is our retirement home
#14 You have the most tickilish feet and you don't let anyone near them
#13 You have had two holes in one
#12 You never complain when I drag you to a chick flick
#11 You secretly follow Young and the Restless with me
#10 You have seen all the versions of Pride and Prejudice and believe Colin Firth is the best Mr. Darcy
#9 You always cook egg sandwiches for us in St. George
#8 You are very patient with me and all my crazy ordering at restaurants
#7 You have a very big heart
#6 You always say you're fine and never want to go the doctor
#5 In the days when we just had the girls, you didn't mind being out numbered
#4 You always took us to a mall for shopping on our vacations
#3 Even though you hate crowds, you are a good sport at Disneyland and always want to take us there for a family trip.
#2 On our first date, after a Utah Jazz victory over Phoenix you took me to Sizzler for dinner. I thought salad bar came with dinner, so I ordered it. Well....it didn't and on our first date, I violated a dating rule never to order more than your date. I felt stupid and so you went back and ordered a salad for you so I wouldn't feel bad. You asked me out for date #2 anyway. Sure glad you did!
#1 You have given me three of the most beautiful children in the world and almost 28 years of laughter, love, and an occasional bump in the road, yet still loving me all the while. You are the best dad and husband in the world. Enjoy your day! We love you!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday dad!!! We love you so much!! I hope you have a great day :) You're the best and this list just shows that!!

  2. Oh daddy!! Your 52 and you couldn't be cuter! Happy birthday we all love you sooooooo much! Xoxo

  3. Oh he's gunna get it for the Young and the Restless one! Haha!

    Happy Birthday Brian!

  4. How sweet is this!?! What a great dad and husband you are Brian! Happy birthday!