Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pizza, Pasta and Provo

Ever since Braden and Abby have come to live with Nick and Lindsi, I have been able to spend a day or so a week with them while Lindsi works. I was trying to think of fun things to do with them on our Tuesdays with Cin (as Braden calls it). We've seen movies, gone bowling, run errands, ate treats and one of our favorite activities, finding all 50 states' license plates. So far, we are more than 1/2 done, but we are still looking for the elusive Hawaii! Saturday, we went with Jordan, Kuri, Pinny, Nick and kids to Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo. It's like an all you can eat pizza, pasta buffet that is super cheap and I'm sure a hit with the college crowd. Well, as we are walking in, the kids spy an Oregon plate (B and A's home state) so of course we needed a picture!

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  1. Oh mom you are just too cute! Here I am making a comment!! I already did but not sure it must have been lost somewhere. Kids love you and so do I!