Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up-December Fun

We started the month of December with a little service.  Ben needed to complete Citizenship in the Community merit badge and part of that badge requires 8 hours of community service, and Ben chose the Utah Food Bank.  For two weeks, we delivered meal boxes to seniors in the valley.  It was an incredibly humbling experience as we were able to bring not only food, but a little cheer into homes.  Ben packed the boxes, and we got our routes and off we went.  

 Ben ready to go to work
 Just a few of the many bags we packed.  The seniors received milk, bread, cheese, some fresh fruit and other much needed and appreciated items.
 Cute Grandma got involved and helped pack and deliver.

Ben had his final Christmas band concert at Butler.  It was bittersweet knowing that we only had a few more concerts before middle school ended.  
June, Ben, Thomas, Brandon and Aaron 

The next activity was the Dance Company concert at Butler.  The girls in  dance company have a tradition to dance a Silver Bell waltz with the partner of their choice.  Cute Aspen asked Ben way last spring, and they practiced several weeks. This was a tradition for 25 years, and it was fun to see Ben all grown up dancing the waltz.
 Ben and Aspen are on the far left.  The auditorium was so dark and my camera didn't quite get the lighting right.
 Aspen and Ben after the concert.

Next up...taking the boys to see Santa.  We went to the nice outlet mall in Lehi, and he was the best Santa!  The boys were excited to see him and looked so festive!  
 I just have to say, these are the cutest boys ever!!!

Every year the Mormon Tabernacle Choir invites a guest artist to sing with them in a fabulous Christmas show.  This year Tom Brokaw narrated the program with the soloist Alfie Boe.  These tickets are very hard to get, but my sweet in-laws called in October and were able to get some tickets.  Chris and I were able to go with them.  This concert was beyond amazing!  I loved every minute of it and was so glad to be able to go.  
 Lee, Virginia, Chris and I before the concert.

Miss Abby had a dance concert as well at her middle school and so we were able to see her perform.  
 Love this girl!

We were also able to spend an evening with cute Diesel while Kristi and Jord went to his Christmas party.  Loved playing and loving him!  
 Diesel ready for bed in his Christmas jams...I think he had a pair for every night in December.  

Then it was time for our family Christmas Sub for Santa party with Bri's family.  Lindsi is the BEST to organize this every year, and we were able to help a young mom with Christmas.  We had everyone come to our house where we had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time together.  
 The Barbers with their gifts.  Cashe was not loving having his picture taken.
 Jord, Kristi and Diesel enjoying the fun!
 The Pugmires with some gift for the children

Megan and the kids came up from St. George just for the party.
 And here are all the toys and clothing for the sweet family.  I had the opportunity to go with Lindsi and deliver the gifts.  Cute mom just cried and was so appreciative of what we had done.  That is what Christmas is all about.  Thanks Lindsi for being so great to keep this going year after year.

Ben and I went to City Creek for a lunch and a little last minute shopping.  That is one place Ben actually likes to shop.  We had a fun few hours and downtown was so pretty and festive.

 How about that?  A picture with Ben and he is smiling!

After a busy month, it was time for Christmas Eve at my house.  I love that my girls love to come home every year and spend the evening with us.  We also had Grandma and Grandpa Jackson and Chris and Lee, so it was a fun party!
 My kids and the grand boys!  Brian and I are so blessed to have our family live so close.  Love these kids!
 And of course, my boys...and will be adding one more in February.
 Cashe helping Diesel open his present

 Diesel just hanging out with Papa

We also had a visitor with us for Christmas.  My friend Cindy was going out of town for the holidays and needed a house for her dog Snickers.  So he came and celebrated with us.  He is the best dog and we loved having him for two weeks.
 Mr. Snickers

Christmas morning was pretty quiet at our house.  Ben was happy to get a new camera and a laptop computer!  Brian gave me a new camera, so after this post, my pictures are going to improve dramatically!  We were pretty boring, so we headed out to Lindsi and Nick's for breakfast and some playtime with Cashe.  
 Thanks you guys for letting us crash at your house!  Breakfast was great.  We missed Abby as she was in Portland with her mom and grandparents.

My cute foreign exchange student was in town and so it was fun to go to lunch with Manuela and catch up.  She was so sweet and I love keeping in touch with her.  She is hoping to come to BYU when she is finished with her education in Germany.

And so, that ends the month of December, so all that is left to say is....

Next up...Cashe's birthday, Diesel's birthday and the arrival of Canon....

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