Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching up again....October and November

After last year's catch up, I promised myself that I would keep the blog up to date....well, best laid here I go with a whirlwind of the last 6 months...

First, we had Halloween.  We went to Lindsi's house for dinner and had fun seeing the boys in their costumes.  Cashe is obsessed with garbage trucks, Nick and Lindsi crafted a costume to look like a green waste management truck!  It was too cute!
The cute Barber family; Nick was a garbage man, Cashe the truck and Lindsi went as garbage.  

This was Diesel's first Halloween, and he had fun wearing  his cute giraffe costume.  I was able to take him trick or treating to a few houses and he enjoyed it!
The cute Stephan family!  

Ben decided no to any sort of costume (he is after all  my boy) but Abby decided to dress up with the kids.  She was a darling Minnie Mouse.

Everyone enjoyed a pizza and soup dinner before the candy fest!  Loved spending the evening with them and seeing the boys excited for Halloween!

After Halloween, it was time for the November birthdays.  We celebrated Ben's 15th birthday on Saturday, November 10.  He wanted to start the day off  at his favorite breakfast place, Coachman's.  It's been around for years and honestly looks no different from when I went there in the 70s, but the food is actually quite good.
Nick, Cashe and Abby joined us and we celebrated with yummy pancakes.  

We had tons of snow that day, so even though it was his B day, Ben was a good sport and shoveled a bit; then he opened up his gift a new set of golf clubs and finally received an I Phone!

Not everyone could join us for breakfast, so we headed to Olive Garden, another Ben favorite, for dinner. It was a blizzard, and we had to wait forever for a table, but everyone arrived safely and we had a great dinner.
The family celebrating!  Love Jordan's face; I think he had fun:)

It must be torture to have your picture taken with you mom on your birthday! 
Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you!

Two days later, we were celebrating Lindsi's 30th Birthday!!  We started the day with breakfast at her favorite place, Pancake House. 
The Birthday Girl and Cashe at breakfast.  Can't believe my baby is 30!

Nick planned a surprise dinner at Malowi's Pizza in Provo with the family and then off to Provo Beach Resort for some fun family games.

Happy Birthday Lindsi!  We love you!

We started off trying to play a fun game of croquet, but as the pictures will show, that quickly faded and we just started being crazy.

Cashe loves to pretend he is Diesel's age and crawl. It is the funniest thing to watch; Diesel crawling around and then Cashe joins him.  They are the cutest boys ever and I just have so much fun watching them.  So lucky to be cousins!

And here we are! 
The next event  in November was a fun dessert night at Cheesecake with my ladies who served with me in primary.  After the program in September, we knew we would be released soon.  While I think it was time, almost three years, it was bittersweet too.  It was an incredible experience to be able to be with the children on Sunday and learn from them.  I had incredible counselors, secretaries (4!) and I know we will be friends forever.  
Colleen (she served with me from day one), Shauna, Stacy, Emily and Jana enjoying yummy desserts!  I love these ladies!  We were missing Natalie and Danielle.

A really nice outlet mall opened up near Lindsi's house and of course we are not one to miss an opening day of anything shopping related.  So off we went to shop and finished up with lunch at Utah's first Johnny Rocket's. 

My two handsome boys!  I just love spending time with them.

And we wrapped up the  month with Thanksgiving at our house with the entire family!  Love the holidays and so grateful the girls live close!  I know how blessed I am.
My girls!

And that ended our busy month of November!  Next up...Christmas Festivities!

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