Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Have News!! Our baby girl is having a baby boy!!!

Brian and I are beyond thrilled to announce that our family is growing! Kristi and Jordan are expecting a baby boy due February 10, 2012!!! We found out in June, and it's been hard to keep the secret. Okay, I think I may have told a few of my girlfriends, but we can officially make our announcement now. It will be so fun to have another little grandson! Kristi and Jord had the cutest way to tell us all if they were having a boy or girl. Both families arrived at Nick and Lindsi's last Saturday, and there were pink and blue balloons all around. Each of us had to choose either a pink plate or blue plate depending on what we thought they were having.
Bri and I making our predictions. I was one of only four pink plates chosen that night. Not sure why I think everyone is always having a girl.....
Lindsi, Cashe and Nick with their selections. Boys all around for the Barbers....
Cute Great Grandmas Bev and Elfie with their blue plates.
Ben very happy with his prediction....
So these two cuties baked a cake with both pink and blue frosting and inside, the cake was either blue or pink....such a fun way to tell the family the good news.
After Jordan carefully cut the cake without giving any hint, the wait was over!!! It's a boy!
So, of course I had to go shop a bit for some clothes. Loved buying boy clothes again and cannot wait for the little guy to arrive so we can love him! Still can't believe my baby girl is going to have a baby; they will be wonderful parents and he is one lucky baby! Thanks Jord and Kristi for giving us the best gift of all...we love you!!


  1. this is the cutest post!!!! baby boy loves his nana and papa and his new little wardrobe!! love you mom your the greatest!!

  2. Such a cute cute post! We all can't wait :) 2 little boys running around will be the best. Love you!

  3. Congrats to all of you! That is so exciting!