Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Lindsi!

Twenty-eight years ago today, Brian and I began our journey into parenthood with the birth of our first baby. I can't believe my baby is 28 and soon to be a mommy herself! I wanted to share her story and a few of my favorite pictures.

I had a fairly easy pregnancy and was so excited to be a momma! In the early 80s, ultrasounds were certainly not routine, so we had no early peeks of our baby, and had no clue if Baby Pugmire was a boy or girl. I really was hoping for a girl and even bought a few pink things. She was due on November 22, but I was getting anxious and hoped she would be early. There is definitely a trend beginning here of my pregnancies lasting no longer than 38 weeks. I had some blood pressure problems, so was put to bed on November 9. I knew that bed rest was not going to last, so on the morning on November 12, I began what I thought was labor. I also liked the idea of having my baby on a Friday so that everyone could come and see us on the weekend.

Always an early morning person, I got up at 5 am and announced to Bri that it was time. Off we went to the hospital where my parents met us. Since my blood pressure was still up, the doctor decided to induce labor. So after a few short hours of labor, I had an epidural which was great and off we went to the delivery room. Things were so different then; Brian had to be in full scrubs and the room resembled an operating room. No soft lights, nice music, or anything. I remember that just before I delivered, the nurses were making a big fuss over how much red hair my baby had. I have to be honest, I wasn't that excited about a red haired baby. But at 1:31 pm the Doctor announced that I had a baby girl. Yahoo!! Bri bought her to me and I rembering saying, " Hi Lindsi, welcome to the world" and she turned her head and looked right at me. Bri said that she knew her momma. I started crying and could not wait to hold my baby girl. Motherhood had begun...

Lindsi Kay

7 pound 3 ounces and 19 inches

She was a beautiful red head!

Lindsi at 2. This is Brian's favorite picture of her. In fact, at her wedding dinner, he showed this picture when he gave his talk.

Age 3

Family picture two years before we had Kristi

And here is my baby today! She is the cutest little mommy to be. She is showing Cashe's going home outfit.

So my Lindsi, happy birthday. Dad and I love you so much and are so proud of the amazing woman you have grown to be. You are going to be the best mom ,and we cannot wait for baby Cashe to arrive. Thanks for being our first, we learned with you and it was an amazing journey to be your parents. We love you!!!

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  1. Oh mom you are the best mom in the world!! I'm so lucky to be your daughter and hope I can be as good of a mom as you are!! Love you