Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introducing our first grandson-Cashe Nicolas Barber

Could not wait to do this post! Lindsi gave birth to the cutest little boy yesterday. Cashe Nicolas Barber arrived on January 3 at 5:48 a.m. He weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and is 19 1/2 inches. He is such a cutie and a true miracle. Lindsi was amazing and Kristi and I were able to see his birth. What an amazing experience. We are so thrilled to be Papa and Nana and just want to hold him all day. Thanks Nick and Lindsi for giving us the great gift of grandparenthood-we love him so much!!!

Cute Cashe( about 12 hours old). Isn't he the cutest??? We are in love with this little guy. Proud Papa and Nana right after Cashe was born.

Just warning, our future posts will be filled with pictures of Cashe.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday fun-December 2010

It's been a busy month and holiday season and I have been a very negligent blogger. We had many fun times with our family and we enjoyed spending time together. WARNING: this is a long post with many pictures, but I wanted to share our holidays with everyone!

We began with the annual Utah-BYU game Thanksgiving weekend. It was cold, but the Utes prevailed at the last minute and won. Here is Ben and I bundled up before kickoff.

Braden and Abby came for a sleepover, and we took them to the ward Christmas breakfast. What would we do without those two??? Love, love them!
After the breakfast, it was time for some fun in the snow building a fort. I wondered how it would turn out when their 'equipment" was an old golf putter and snow shovel.

Fort completed, sort of. It melted and/or was destroyed shortly after.

Ben decided that he wanted to be in the school band and learn to play the trumpet. At first, we wondered how he would get ready for a concert in three months, but with daily practice, he improved and actually sounded pretty good. Here he is with buddy Bryce before the concert.

One of Bri's companies, United Underwariters has a big fancy luncheon during the holidays, and I love going to it. Bri was recognized as one of the top agents at the luncheon which was held at Little America. Way to go, honey!

For the last several years, the extended Pugmire family forgoes gifts to each other and does a service project. This year Lindsi organized the entire event from the project to the food. We were able to provide Christmas for a single mom and her two children. We had a fun time choosing just the right gifts; it made us all really feel the Christmas spirit. Thanks Linds for all your hard work and for keeping this tradition going.

The best family around!

Here are some of the gifts everyone bought for our family.

Braden and Abby went to Oregon to spend Christmas with their grandparents and mom and dad. We missed them, but did Christmas with them before they left. We surprised B with a Wii Fit and game and Abby will be joining Ben, Papa and I on a trip to Philly and Washington DC during spring break.

Ben with his double barreled shot gun which has provided many hours of war with everyone. Kuri and Jord gave him the same thing (with a revolver as well) so he has plenty of weapons around.

Ab, Braden and Papa with the kids' gift to Bri-a Leatherbys gift card. Abby drew the card Bri is holding complete with an excellent replica of his favorite treat-Peanut Butter ice cream treat. We used it New Year's Eve! Thanks kids!

Another favorite holiday tradition is the Crawford Christmas Party hosted by Bob and Renae. It's always great food, a good time to visit with our friends and always plenty of games. Here is Bri and Jord in quite a game of ping pong. I do believe Jord beat Bri...

Ben and Luke playing pool.

Cute Kuri and Mom enjoying the party.

And my most favorite part of the holiday is Christmas Eve at our house with the kids and my mom. I have been doing Christmas Eve almost every year since we've been married. I fix the same thing every year, but the kids love it. We went to a movie earlier in the day and then came home for food and present opening. Then we finish the night with a drive to Christmas Street in Salt Lake. Every year the kids get PJs and a DVD to open Christmas Eve. Jord and Ben sported Seahawk and Packer PJs and Nick received some Oregon Duck shorts (he doesn't like PJs). Here are the kids and my mom showing off their PJs.
We did have a minor explosion in the kitchen with our cooktop. Thank heaven Kuri was not hurt as she noticed the cooktop malfunctioned and was in there seconds before the glass dish exploded with glass and spinach and artichoke dip dripping all over. What a mess with no pictures as we were busy cleaning up and didn't think to take a picture of the mess. Cannot even think what could have happened if we had not been home.

Christmas day was quiet with just the three of us. Here is Ben with his new I Touch, scooter, watch and wearing his new Christmas clothes. Bri is one of the hardest people to buy for, so I had to think pretty hard to come up with a surprise or two. He got a gift card for a new IPhone and a new TV for his freshly painted office.
He too is wearing his new Christmas outfit.

Bri surprised me with great tickets to Bon Jovi in March and a new I Pod shuffle and the big surprise, an Apple I Pad. I am learning to use the I Pad and know I will love it! Thanks sweetie for such great gifts and a wonderful Christmas.

The kids came up during their break and went swimming with Ben at the rec center. It was a cold, cold day outside but the water was over 80 degrees. A perfect way to spend a winter day. We also went to a movie and saw Gulliver's Travels. So all in all a busy and wonderful holiday season with my amazing family. Each year I am reminded of how blessed I am to have three wonderful kids, two great sons-in-law, Braden and Ab, the best husband ever and more happiness than I deserve. Cannot wait to see what the New Year brings with a new grandson and more fun. Happy New Year everyone!