Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter 2011

It's been a busy winter for our family, and we wanted to share what we have been up to. I have to admit that I really dislike winter and am so so ready for spring. With that said, here is how we spent our winter months!

With the arrival of Cashe, much of the month of January was spent with him. I was able to take a week off work and spend it with Lindsi and Cashe. I would not have traded that week for anything. I just loved him, bathed him, held him and simply could not get enough of him. It was so fun to spend the week, and both Lindsi and I cried when the week was up. Thanks Linds for letting me be such a big part of those first few weeks of his life.

Cashe and Nana after bath.

Loving him at the hospital.

Meeting Uncle Ben

Nick and I celebrated our 30th and 49th birthdays at the end of January. I have never really enjoyed having a birthday in the dreariest month of the year, but being able to celebrate it with Nick and now Cashe makes it more fun. I had a great day and Kuri, Jord Nick, Abby and Cashe came over for a wonderful dinner cooked by Bri. Braden was super sick so Lindsi and he stayed home. I couldn't have asked for a better day to celebrate the last year of the 40s! The birthday "kids". Yummy rocky road ice cream cake.

Celebrating with Cashe!

Cashe playing on his play mat Auntie Kuri and I gave him.

Spending time with Great Grandma Elfie

To keep busy, Ben played Junior Jazz basketball. They didn't have a ton of height, but they played hard every game and won about half of them.

The team enjoying a treat after a game.

Snuggling with Papa. One of our favorite activities
is spending time with Cashe.
Can you tell we love being grandparents?

For Braden and Ab's Valentine gift, we took them bowling and out to dinner. Ab beat the boys, but they said they are ready for a rematch anytime.

I wanted to surprise Bri with a Valentine's Day that he didn't have to plan. So I decided to have a night of "firsts". So I took him to dinner at the Sizzler that we had our first date. Sure wish I had a picture of that first date!

At the Sizzler where it all began in November, 1981.
Almost 30 years later, still lovin' each other.

The next first was our first couple's massage. I love to get massages, but Bri wasn't so sure. It was really fun and so relaxing and after it was all over, Bri loved it.

Waiting for his massage. I think he looks a little nervous.

Since I really dislike winter, I look so forward to our annual President's Day weekend in St. George. We can usually have some much needed sunshine. Well, not this year. It snowed. Oh well. We were so happy to have Kuri, Jord, Nick, Lindsi and kids join us. It was a great weekend just to spend time with each other.

Wouldn't be a trip to St. George without going to our fav. place-Tom's Deli

What to do on a snowy day in St. George? Take a bunch of pictures of Cashe! Here are a few of my favorites.

In addition to playing junior Jazz, Ben also played Deacon ball. They had great success, winning the teams in the stake and then playing for the championship and winning!

Coach Mike and the 3rd ward Deacon ball champs!

And that ends winter for the Pugmire family. I can't wait for sunny days, warm sunshine and no school!!!