Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And we are off....

On Thursday, we will be shopping here...

And on Monday, we will be cruising here. Yes, Bri and I off on a vacation! Look for the post vacation update! Bon Voyage!!!

First Day of School..a little late.

On August 23, Ben began the journey in middle school. I don't think he was too nervous; he worried about getting his locker open and getting to all of his classes on time, but overall he loved it. In fact he decided to run for 7th grade representative. The elections are next week; stay tuned for the results.

Ben all ready to go in clothes picked out by Kristi
Fall means more than back to school; it means Utah Football. We have had season tickets since the kids were little , so it's been a family tradition for a long time! We were wondering how we were going to work it out with Jordan at BYU, but he is now a UTE, so we are a Utah Family. Yahoo..

It wouldn't be a Utah game without going with our good friends Tony, Nancy, Brit and Calli to Millie's in Sugarhouse for lunch and a glacier which is a slushie with ice cream.
Ben gets to take a friend to the games, but we were a little surprised that his friend for this game was a girl, Aly. They got to go on the field after the game and had a great time. She too enjoyed Millies!